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please read the rules before hiring our services (or download and read this pdf file           ):

FlashMTB Rules

Santiago, Chile / April 2016



1. Users

Users that are natural people, chilean or foreigners, who are 18 years old or more and that accept the terms and conditions of this document can contract FLASHMTB services. People who are under-age can contract FLASHMTB services presenting a parental or legal guardian’s authorization, where they declare to assume the responsibility of the minor.

Users have the right to achieve the full contract conditions signed by them, to ask for and receive information about the services, and to present suggestions and written complaints sent by e-mail to this address:

2. Kinds of Trails

The customer can choose between different trails, grouped by time of pedalling and technical difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard.

The times of pedalling and technical levels of each trail are record based on the experience of FLASHMTBB.

The choice of trail is and exclusive responsibility of the customer.

Depending of the technical level, trails combine in different ways characteristics of Olympic Cross Country (XCO), Marathon Cross Country (XCM) and Enduro.

Prices change depending on the Trail.

3. Public roads

If it is necessary to use public streets or roads to reach the trail, the user assumes responsibility for the use of the bicycle in this context and must obey the government rules of public transit. The explanation of this regulation is part of the safety induction.

4. Bikes

The customer can choose a mountain bike with front suspension and with front and rear suspension, in Small, Medium, Large or X-Large size. Prices change depending on the type of  bike. The bikes are already used ones, in good condition for the trails.

Before the Trail, FLASHMTB member in presence of the customer registers all the damages the chosen bike may have. At the end of the Trail, FLASHMTB checks again the bike. If there are new damages of responsibility of the customer, he must pay at the moment, by cash or bank transfer, the reparation or spare parts to be replaced because of the damage.

Users are responsible for the holding and safekeeping of the bicycle during the ride on the trail.

During the pedalling, users are not allowed to use cell phones, music players, headphones, or any device that distracts his attention from the trail.

5. Data

Trail distances and altimetries are obtained from GPS Garmin Edge 810 and Strava applications. 

Distance data (kilometers) and altitude data (meters) may have deviations due to error margins obtained from GPS Garmin Edge 810 and Strava app.

Website pictures are FLASHMTB property and are only referential.

6. Payment

Customers must pay before starting the ride, when they get together with FLASHMTB. The type of accepted payment is cash in Chilean Pesos, US Dollars or Euros; or bank transfer in Chilean Pesos.

The account details are:

Servicios Deportivos y Mecánicos San Juan Limitada

RUT 76.608.918-6

Banco Santander 

Cuenta Corriente Nº 71246060


7. KIT

At the beginning of the Trail, FLASHMTB gives the customer the chosen mountain bike with a helmet, gloves, liquid and a food ration. It is compulsory to wear the helmet properly, well adjusted, meanwhile the user is on the bike.

However, bicycle helmets are not 100% effective, because they don’t cover 100% of the head; therefore they do not protect against all head injuries or others, this being the responsibility of each user.


8. FLASHMTB’s company

The customer must remain at a distance of 15 to 20 meters from the FLASHMTB staff member.

FLASHMTB staff must respect the pedalling rhythm of the customer.

The customer must obey directions from the FLASHMTB staff who accompanies him.

If it is necessary, the FLASHMTB staff member can give basic mechanical assistance during the Trail.

On the hill it is important to respect some basic rules of security and hygiene:

– Do not leave garbage, or food, or equipment or parts of the bicycle on the trail and around it.

– The priority is from who is climbing on a two-way path.

– If customer is going to overtake someone on the Trail, must say before “Pista”.

– Ride bike on the right side of the path.

– Caution at the presence of children or animals.

– Never get out of the path.

– Do not make fire.

– Be careful with flora and fauna.

– Do not swim in areas that are not permitted.

– Do not hunt or fish.

– Do not install tents in areas that are not permitted.

– Do not enter to restricted areas.

9. Unsportsmanlike conduct

If the customer displays unsportsmanlike and/or aggressive conduct and/or destructive conduct, who accompanies reserves the right to stop immediately the service and return with the customer to the origin point. In these cases the money paid for the service will not be returned.


10. Insurance

FLASHMTB offers personal Accident Insurance coverage to its clients.

11. Health Responsibility

Each customer is responsible for their own performance, and declares he doesn’t have any disease that prevents him to bike on the trail. He also declares to be in physical conditions and health according to the activity to develop. The customers declares to know that, like any physical activity, cycling can generate injuries or illness, which can occur during or after the activity, and that may be worse or complicate diseases or pre-existing medical conditions.

FLASH MTB reserves the right to change the original itinerary chosen by the customer, if there is any factor that poses risks for the customer and/or FLASHMTB staff, or other founded reasons. These factors can be: weather changes (wind, rain, snow, etc.), inappropriate choice of the Trail according to customer riding level or others. The customer understands this possibility and accepts without inconvenient the consequences of itinerary changing.

12. Release of Liability

Anyone who contracts FLASHMTB services declares that all the service rules have been read, understood and accepted, and undertakes to fulfill them.

Finally, the customer declares that he has received from FLASHMTB Company the proper security coaching and equipment (Kit), understanding and accepting that the realization of the activity and the chosen trail is under his absolute responsibility, releasing responsibility –civil and/or criminal– from FLASHMTB, sponsors, municipalities, staff and any other person or institution linked to this service for possible accidents that may occur during the activity, and also for damages that appear of consequence of this.

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